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Impact Assessment

FIWE has expertise in doing the need analysis for CSR spends and has been involved with Impact Assessment studies with various government and private organizations, to submit detailed reports highlighting the ground realities and impacts of CSR projects.

Social Impact Assessment study of the CSR project:- FIWE does ground level milestone based monitoring and involved in social impact assessment which we believe is very important in order to evaluate whether CSR funds /programmes achieve their goals and contribute to social development and working with various corporates in different geographies

Social Return on Investment:- FIWE also assess impact of your social investment using widely accepted tools like SROI (Social Return on Investment). FIWE adopts a systematic way of incorporating social and economic impact and other values on every rupee spent hence incorporate accurate decision-making processes to evaluate SROI. Ultimately SROI is measured by

SROI = (social impact value – initial investment amount) / initial investment amount *100%

Monitoring & Evaluation:- At FIWE, we comprehensively work on the progress of the Project by monitoring and evaluating them during the whole life cycle of project management. The entire CSR project is being monitored by FIWE to provide regular reports to the CSR team to avoid any gaps or inconvenience.

Reporting & compliance:- Reporting and compliance is another critical factor which determines the success of our project. Our reports include extensive and result driven data on placement, attendance, training and mobilization along with the feedback and tracking of respective candidates. The project report consists of sharing the photographs, video shoots etc. to showcase the milestones achieved.

Methodology:- The methodology used by FIWE to complete the Impact Assessment is through a rigorous approach and a lot of stress is on Data. Data Accuracy leads to correct information for analysis and evaluation. Thus, the Impact Assessment is of complete use.

Branding:- Facilitate Branding and Image Building: IA also covers the mileage achievement through the CSR project for the brand/organization.