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President's Message

The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs has been a long journey from way back 1993 and completed two decades in the service of women entrepreneurs of the country. The main objective of FIWE is development of women entrepreneurship in the country. It is a matter of great privilege and pride that FIWE has completed yet another year successfully. I feel very proud that FIWE has worked hard and come a long way. I look forward to FIWE becoming a stronger organization which can work on all important issues related to women entrepreneurs.

The organization has been instrumental in providing hand-holding and exposure to most of the women's organizations in the country for their exponential growth in east, west, north and south. Some of them have done extremely well and have shown their leadership qualities in the growth of their organizations at regional level and have acclaimed name and fame.

Interaction with policy makers needs to be increased on a regular basis, particularly because policies of the Government need to be more gender-sensitive. In the T. K. Nair report surprisingly there is almost no mention of women entrepreneurs. FIWE has therefore been having regular interactions with policymakers for the benefit of young women entrepreneurs with the objective of their successful enterprises leading to their economic empowerment.

The knowledge of economy has certainly created a large number of never before opportunities for women particularly in the service sector. Today one can see women entrepreneurs in almost every field, be it ICT, retails, service sector, health-care, insurance, tourism, education and even international trade. I meet many management and techno-savvy women professionals who are eager to plunge into the world of business.

Thus the Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs providers a platform for joint participation of women in national and international trade. It has been organizing B2B meets from time to time between member entrepreneurs, corporate houses and exporters to establish linkage with one another in order to reap high dividends.

On the international front FIWE is a member of South Asian Women Entrepreneurs (SAWE) and is also a member of International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs. I have had the privilege of being appointed a Core Committee Member of SAWE and Secretary General of International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs.

FIWE is committed to facilitate women in all walks of life, both in rural and urban areas, to help them stand upright in society with dignity and honor. With an excellent record and many milestones covered, we endeavor to continue our quest for excellent with continuous efforts and improvements in all diverse fields for women's empowerment, eradication of poverty, sexual harassment and illiteracy.

With the advent of loads of opportunities, women entrepreneurs have to be ready to take-on multifarious responsibilities and challenges ahead. It is our sheer determination, focus, confidence and knowledge put together that can reap results, which will ultimately benefit our families and children. Let's all walk together and overcome these problems to make India a better place to live in.

I extend my best wishes to you all!

Dr. (Mrs.) Rajni Aggarwal

May 3rd, 2011