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Nonprofits often are told to maximize their organizational capacity as a way to improve their performance. Knowing what capacity actually means and how to identify areas of need, however, can be confusing. Tools that define and assess organizational capacity can help organizations identify their unique capacity building needs and guide the development of plans to address them.

Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs in India represents dynamic group of women who have broken the beaten track and are exploring new vistas of economic participation of clients, demands at home and other family oppositions leading to lack of support. A great many of them have chosen the entrepreneurs world because of a compelling urge to do something positive. They are the pace setters for women in their quest for economic independence. FIWE is a national Organization which brings the businesswomen on a common platform and ensures that their opinions, ideas and visions are collectively and effectively taken up with policy makers and various other agencies respectively for the development of Entrepreneurship amongst Women.

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