Why you should be a member of FIWE?
  • Networking with passionate women entrepreneurs.
  • Access to conferences and B2B meetings with companies of global repute
  • Access to FIWE knowledge center and consulting expertise.
  • Access to eminent speakers & visionaries.
President’s Message
Board Of Directors

The key objectives of the Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) are as follows:

  • To provide training facilities in Export Marketing and Management, Domestic Marketing, Quality Control and Standardization, Management of Enterprise Laws, Regulations, Procedures and Systems for running Small & Medium sized enterprises and sustaining their growth.
  • To facilitate Enterprise to Enterprise Cooperation within the country and with SME and Women Entrepreneur counterparts in 96countries of the world as on 30th June, 1994, having Members and Associates of World Association of small and Medium Enterprises (WASME), with which FIWE is affiliated..
  • To provide greater access to latest technologies, know- how, related equipments and services for modernization and expansion of existing small & medium sized enterprises run by Women Entrepreneurs.
  • To facilitate participation in International and Regional exhibitions, buyers-sellers meet, trade fairs, seminars and symposia, to help women entrepreneurs to get greater exposure to Regional and Global business environment and opportunities.
  • To effectively articulate the problems and constraints faced by women entrepreneurs to get greater exposure to regional and global business environment and opportunities.
  • To strengthen affiliated Associations of Women Entrepreneurs by providing them package of services including information, contracts, training facilities and other related supporting measures.
  • To bring out a quarterly newsletter to educate and inform women entrepreneurs on business opportunities, management and exchange of experience and expertise.
  • To enhance access to term loan working capital.
  • Assisting in the identification of investment opportunities.