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FIWE endeavors to ensure highest quality assessments well within TATs (Turn Around Time)

A) Pre-Assessment and Scheduling: Our Team continuously checks the SDMS and Skill India Portal for the New Batches. For the batches received from the SSC or on the SDMS or SIP portal, our team updates the batch information to their respective scheduling file. We ensure that no batch information is missed in the scheduling file.

B) Monitoring of Scheduling and other activities before assessment: We ensure that no upcoming batches have been left unscheduled and our team go through all the batches and ensure that only a certified assessor with higher average rating is assigned for a particular batch. This ensures that only the most professional assessor is assigned to a particular batch. We also examine assessor TOA certificates and his login credentials before an assessor is scheduled.

C) Assessor training given before assessment: We provide training and instructions to all our assessors / proctors for assessment guidelines and the process of all online assessments before assigning them a batch. We ensure that the assessors/proctors have understood assessment guidelines and steps involved in the assessment process.

D) Process followed during Assessment: FIWE team ensures that all assessment are conducted only at designated training centers approved by NSDC and that our assessors have reached the centre on time and have all requisite documentations on the day of assessment. We further ensure that no unethical activity is going on at any point during the entire assessment process and that a fair and smooth assessment is being conducted.

E) Monitoring and Quality checks During Assessment: We ensure that assessor has sent his GEO location and one photograph of himself along with the training centre signage or banner upon reaching the centre. And that the photograph is clearly visible along with center address and further ensures that there is no alteration with the photo. We simultaneously verify the group photos received from assessor along with the candidates’ and match the same with the photos available on the SDMS portal. This ensures that only genuine candidates are appearing in the exam.

F) Post assessment process: FIWE ensures that the post assessments tasks are executed on time and as per quality guidelines. Quality is checked for all documents like attendance sheets, feedback forms etc. We thoroughly check all photos and videos sent by the assessor before he leaves the assessment centre and that these photos and videos are as per the quality specifications. Further ensure that all hard copies & assessment documents are complete in all respect and reach the office on specified time with no delays.

E) Monitoring of Post assessment process:- To ensure error free operation we have created an independent division under supervision of Director, to ensure double checks both for operations and monitoring activities. This division ensures that all the assessment processes are followed as per quality guidelines and within TATs that there are no delays at-all across batches. That all documents along with the assessment evidences like photos and videos have been received from the assessor on time and quality of these evidences are up to mark. Further ensure that the result of the assessment is error free, is being prepared and uploaded on the SDMS portal within TAT and monitored for any delays.