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TSC Certified Assessor PDF
THSSC Certified Assessor PDF
SME - 2022
SME - 2022
SCGJ Certified Assessor PDF
Sample Question Paper-Trainee Associate
Sample Question Paper-Solar PV Installer Suryamitra
Sample Question Paper-Solar Power O & M Question Paper
Sample Question Paper-SMO
Sample Question Paper-SET
Sample Question Paper-Sales Associate
Sample Question Paper-Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneur
Sample Question Paper-Roof Top Solar Grid Engineer
Sample Question Paper-Roof Top Solar Grid Engineer
Sample Question Paper-Ring Frame Tenter
Sample Question Paper-Pressman
Sample Question Paper-Make Up Artist
Sample Question Paper-Housekeeper cum cook
Sample Question Paper-Hair Dresser Theory
Sample Question Paper-General Housekeeper
Sample Question Paper-Distributer Salesman
Sample Question Paper-Assistant Electrician
RASCI Certified Assessor PDF
Proctors new list
Priyadarshini Award
We are pleased to inform you that this year also the Executive Committee of the Federation has decided to confer awards to the Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs of the country and of other Asian countries. The award will be presented to 15 Indian Women Entr
Our Operation Team
Organization Structure
Ops Team PDF
MESC Certified Assessor PDF
IT-ITES Certified Assessor PDF
Impact Assessment
Impact Assessment
General Guidelines for Persons with Blindness
General Guidelines for person with Speech and Hearing Impairment
General guidelines for Person with Disabilities
General guidelines for Person with Disabilities
ESSCI Certified Assessor PDF
DWSSC Certified Assessor PDF
Details of part time employees (Proctors)
Details of Employee (Subject Matter Experts-SME)
BWSSC Certified Assessor PDF
Annual Report of 2002-2003
Annual Report of 2000-2001
Annual Report of 1999-2000
AMHSSC Certified Assessor PDF