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Sneha Thakkar � Priyadarshini Award 2012
Release Date: Saturday, September 05, 2015

27 years old Sneha Thakker is among 30 women  to receive  the Priyadarshini Award 2012;  the award is given to women entrepreneurs from around SAARC countries. Sneha Thakker, who was shortlisted  from among 800 women from over 50 countries, is the youngest to win the award  this year. Proudly she is the only one to win this  prestigious award from Gujarat.
  Sneha runs one of India�s most niche and  upcoming IT Service based company. She founded Thakker Technologies when she  was 23 years old with her pocket money. She has seen it rise to be a market leader in its space. The  company has grown since its inception in 2009 through strategic & effective  planning fused with innovative ideas and leadership.
  Currently, Thakker  Technologies has over 25 products  selling in a month for the product they are selling online. Besides this they are also providing website  development / maintenance, website  desingning, website online marketing, logo design etc services.
  Sneha hopes the Priyadarshini Award will help  her get funds from investors and banks to increase her operations. Moreover its  worth to note that she is short listed as YOUNG ENTREPRENUER for the prestigious ASDF Awards, which is to be held in December � 2012.
  Some earlier recipients of Priyadarshini award  are Martha Thiller ofIndonesia and Shahnaz Hussain ofIndia. The award is given  by Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE).
  This event was accompanied by many industry  leaders including Shri H. P. Kumar � Chairman-cum-Managing Director � NSIC,  Ministry of Women and Child Development, India � Mrs. Krishna Tirath and Minister of Child Development  and Family Welfare, Mauretius � Mrs Maria Francesca Mireille Martin just to  name a few.