Why you should be a member of FIWE?
  • Networking with passionate women entrepreneurs.
  • Access to conferences and B2B meetings with companies of global repute
  • Access to FIWE knowledge center and consulting expertise.
  • Access to eminent speakers & visionaries.
  • We invite members to join FIWE to enjoy the benefit of getting free membership for International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE).

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Benefits to Members
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Fee Structure
Fee Structure

How much is Membership?
Annual Basic Membership Rs 3,000.00 plus a onetime registration fee Rs 1,000.00

Associate Membership Rs 5,000.00 plus one time registration fees Rs1,000.00

Charter Membership Rs 25,000.00 plus one time entry fee Rs 5,000.00

Corporate membership Rs.10,000.00 plus one time entry fees Rs 5,000.00

Lifetime Membership Rs 2,50,000.00 plus one time entry fee Rs 5,000.00