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n To promote Entrepreneurship among Women and thereby empower them to join the economic mainstream.

n To enhance the Status of Women in the society, by creating a culture of Entrepreneurship amongst women, both in Rural and Urban areas.

n To develop successful models of Entrepreneurship for emulation world-wide

Assessment Quality Policy - At FIWE, We are committed to:

n Provide highest quality, timely, accurate & reliable assessment and certification services and continually enhance client satisfaction.

n Conduct assessments and certifications in an impartial & non-discriminatory manner; Focus on transparency, ethical and professional assessments and certification; Measure the actual and practical skills of the trainee candidates as opposed to purely theoretical knowledge.

n Leverage technology and internet to its fullest extent and continually improve the effectiveness of various assessment and certification processes-services.

n FIWE is fully committed to consistent quality and continual improvement of our skill assessment services and enhancing the skill certification value. FIWE strives to ensure it reaches to the skilled youth across the world by using a balanced combination of accredited-professional localized assessor’s network, real-time practical skills evaluation, online technology platform & industry vetted skill question banks.