FIWE is a network of women entrepreneurs and professionals who share a common vision of economic empowerment and social change. FIWE offers membership to individuals and institutions who want to join our mission of promoting women’s entrepreneurship and leadership. As a member, you will get access to various benefits such as mentoring, training, networking, advocacy, and recognition. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, a corporate executive, an academician, or a social worker, FIWE welcomes you to be part of our community.


Are you interested in expanding your personal network and connecting with women all over the world?

As a member of FIWE, you continue to be part of a prestigious and influential organization, recognized in INDIA and worldwide as a powerful voice for the economic empowerment of women. FIWE members are accomplished women who are dynamic and economic forces in their business and social communities. Significant portions of your FIWE membership dues help fund our programs and initiatives. Let’s look at some of the benefits of being a member and several of the successful programs we have implemented in the past few years:

Profile for its Members: FIWE’s marketing material is sent to thousands of people and corporations around the world. The FIWE website has you listed in the member’s resource Directory.

Networking with our FIWE Members and our 40 Association Members representing over 15000 women all over India: When you travel for business or pleasure, FIWE members are ready to welcome you to their towns and cities, and provide a ready-made network of business and community connections. Even while you are at your office, these connections are available to help you find other colleagues, vendors and other services you need around the world.

Global Cities Program: The new FIWE Global Cities program of events in prestigious locations with high profile speakers will connect members in the region, and attract those traveling on business. Under consideration for 2021 are events in Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore and Chennai.

FIWE Entrepreneurship Program: This works to enhance the lives of FIWE’s entrepreneurs by increasing their business connections and business opportunities, and their business success. The 12th Global Conference is a rolling opportunity for action in 2012.

FIWE Microenterprise Development Program: This groundbreaking program provides access-to-credit for women in poverty and has plan to set up Village community Banks in Rajasthan.

FIWE Women on Boards Program: FIWE is a nationally recognized advocate for promoting women onto boards, and helps keep you up-to-date on the latest best practices from around the world. FIWE launched a board resource model that numerous other networks have embraced.

FIWE Daughters Program: This program has helped prepare girls (ages 10-16) for financial independence through a proprietary mentoring program that includes one-on-one sessions, seminars, workshops and special events.

Renowned Speakers: Our recent events have included speakers and Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders; and significant business leaders.

Committee: FIWE welcomes all members to get involved in committees that support our initiatives and may lead to Board appointments.

FIWE Global Forums: Connect to the rest of the world at discounted FIWE member rates. The Global Forum is a place to network with accomplished women from around the world, and hear their presentations on a range of topics that affect you and all women including: women in business including leadership in the boardroom; entrepreneurship and technology Issues; The world of media ; international leadership; and political involvement.

Awards and Recognition: In 1995, FIWE has launched its PRIYADARSHINI AWARDS– in many cases they will be ‘unsung heroes’ that may be known regionally but are not big names nationally. FIWE members and member associations will be encouraged to nominate potential candidates.

FIWE e Connections: This e-newsletter provides regular, lively communications to members and keeps you abreast of issues affecting women worldwide.

News Section of the Website: Allows you to promote you accomplishments to other members and visitors. We also welcome general news and event calendars from member associations. 

How much is Membership?

Annual Basic Membership Rs.3000.00 plus a onetime registration fee Rs.1000.00

Associate Membership 5000.00 plus one time registration fees Rs. 1000.00

Charter Membership Rs. 25000.00 plus one time entry fee Rs.5000.00

Corporate membership Rs.10000.00 plus one time entry fees Rs.5000.00

Lifetime Membership Rs. 250000.00 plus one time entry fee Rs.5000.00

For further information on FIWE membership call at 011 26850395 or email to: