What We Do

The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) is a platform that connects and empowers women entrepreneurs across India. FIWE provides mentoring, training, networking, and funding opportunities to help women start and scale their businesses. FIWE also advocates for policies and programs that support women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. FIWE is a community of successful women entrepreneurs and other stakeholders who keep on inspiring and supporting each other.

Some of the activities that FIWE organizes or participates in are:

Latest Events

FIWE also organizes events, workshops, seminars, and conferences to showcase the achievements and best practices of women entrepreneurs, and to provide them with networking and mentoring opportunities. Find out more about our virtual, and in-person events held regionally throughout the year.

What Our Women Achievers Say

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FIWE is a dynamic platform fostering women empowerment and entrepreneurial growth. With a vast network spanning across Pan India and SAARC countries, FIWE unites women entrepreneurs to amplify their voices, ideas, and visions for impactful policy advocacy and enterprise development. Join us in shaping a “Together Towards a glorious future“. Read more…(click here)

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