Why You Should Join FIWE?

An organization and an individual need to be constantly refreshed with new ideas, innovation, and strong networking. FIWE helps to transform the lives of women who transform the world. Helps to create a bigger impact, a trusted peer group, stronger foundation. Becoming a member of FIWE comes with a whole range of exclusive benefits developed to support you across all stages of your career. Featured below are just some of the highlights available. We are an inclusive, collaborative, and progressive membership organization that values our members and the roles they play.
Boost your Career
Advance your career and increase your earning potential with our professional development framework-supported learning and mentoring scheme.

Achieve your Goals
Get better results at every stage of your career.

Keep Learning
Be inspired and keep up to date with all the latest changes, best practices, and innovations in the industry.

Connect with Others
Make connections and uncover opportunities that will grow you and your organizations.

Make a Difference
Be part of our community and shape the future of the sector.

Online Learning Opportunities: Access Online Resources In our digital, connected world, a lot happens online. FIWE is an organization that offers numerous online learning opportunities for members, many of which involve credits and additional educational courses. To guarantee every member has a chance to reap the benefits, it’s smart to offer online learning opportunities such as:
o Continuing education courses
o Free or reduced registration for webinars
Online learning allows members to grow professionally on their own schedule while still remaining connected with your organization.

Receive Monthly E-Update: Access to complimentary professional publications is a mainstay for many organizations looking to boost their development opportunity list. In some cases, access to these publications may not be possible without membership.

You may visit our membership pages to access the process and form for our different tiers of membership types.