The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) in a collaborative effort with the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-ITPO) Bahrain, in partnership with the International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE) has organised “14th Global Economic Summit- Mission Possible 2” at Pride Plaza Hotel, New Delhi on 1st and 2nd March 2024.

Over 200 delegates and expert speakers from diverse sectors convened at the international conference, representing over 15 countries including South Africa, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Maldives, Bangladesh, UAE, Bahrain, Panama, Sri Lanka, USA, Cyprus, Myanmar, and Morocco. The event fostered global collaboration and knowledge exchange, addressing pressing issues across industries. Participants engaged in vibrant discussions, sharing insights and expertise to drive impactful solutions. This diverse gathering showcased the importance of cross-border cooperation in tackling shared challenges and fostering innovation on a global scale.

1 MARCH 2024: The conference commenced with an inspiring opening ceremony, featuring featuring keynote addresses from renowned thought leaders and dignitaries. Delving into the conference theme, the opening session set the tone for fruitful discussions and collaborations. Participants were welcomed with enthusiasm, highlighting the significance of their collective expertise in shaping the conference’s outcomes. Engaging presentations and speeches captivated attendees, laying the groundwork for an enriching exchange of ideas throughout the event.

Special Address by Mr. Udaybali Yusuf Ali, Chairman of the Arab ICT Union, UAE, and Mr. Shriram Meena, GM, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

Mr. Udaybali Yusuf Ali, Chairman of the Arab ICT Union, UAE, presented at the 14th Global Economic Summit, emphasizing the importance of empowering women entrepreneurs through digital platforms. He introduced Ra’idat, a platform aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among Arab women, addressing challenges in ICT literacy and providing networking and learning opportunities. The presentation highlighted the value proposition of Ra’idat, including promotions, webinars, and monetization options, to support women in the digital space. Recommendations included promoting platform awareness, overcoming ICT literacy barriers, fostering collaboration, facilitating mentorship, and investing in women’s entrepreneurship initiatives. Overall, Mr. Udaybali emphasized the pivotal role of digital platforms like Ra’idat in empowering women entrepreneurs and driving economic growth in the Arab world.

Another Presentation was given by Mr. Shriram Meena, GM, SIDBI:

Mr. Shriram Meena introduced the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and its significant role in fostering the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India. He emphasized the sector’s vital contribution to the economy in terms of GDP, exports, and job creation. Mr. Meena outlined SIDBI’s support mechanisms, including promotion, development, and financial assistance such as collateral-free loans through schemes like CGTMSE. He highlighted SIDBI’s digital transformation efforts, focusing on streamlined loan processes and AI-based credit assessments. Additionally, he discussed SIDBI’s focus on funding environmentally sustainable projects and highlighted special schemes for women entrepreneurs like the Arjuna Scheme. Mr. Meena addressed global engagement queries, mentioning support for Indian women entrepreneurs in joint ventures and exports. He also explained the functionality of the GST Sahay platform for business liquidity and expressed willingness to collaborate with NGOs for women empowerment. Overall, Mr. Meena’s presentation underscored SIDBI’s comprehensive support for Indian entrepreneurs, particularly women, in their business endeavors.

Day-1 Session II: Entrepreneurship in the Global Context

H.E. Mr. Cedrick C Crowly, Deputy High Commissioner South Africa, Ms. Reem Badran, Founder MENA business women Newtok and CEO Al Hurra for Management and Business Development Consultancy Company, Ms. Rani Wemel Co- Founder & COO, LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd, Mr Parul Soni, Founder Secretary General ABWCI were among the panelist.

The session gathered speakers from diverse backgrounds to discuss fostering entrepreneurship, with a focus on women. It emphasized addressing challenges like finance access, market entry, technology, and creating supportive ecosystems.

H.E. Mr. Cedrick C Crowly, Deputy High Commissioner South Africa: Mr. Crowly emphasized the significance of creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, especially for women. He highlighted South Africa’s efforts in promoting women’s entrepreneurship through legislative frameworks, procurement policies, and initiatives like tri-partite alliances between labor, business, and government.

Ms. Reem Badran, Founder MENA Business Women Network and CEO Al Hurra for Management and Business Development Consultancy Company: Ms. Badran discussed the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, particularly in Jordan, including cultural barriers and gender gaps in economic participation. She emphasized the need for collaboration, networking, and support mechanisms to empower women entrepreneurs and enhance their contribution to the economy.

Ms. Rani Wemel, Co-Founder & COO, LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd: Ms. Wemel shared her entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of perseverance and innovation in overcoming challenges. She discussed her mission of providing accessible and affordable education through technology, focusing on upskilling and reskilling individuals across different age groups.

Mr. Parul Soni, Founder Secretary-General ABWCI: Mr. Soni facilitated the discussion and engaged with the panelists on various topics, including trade facilitation, taxation issues, and opportunities for collaboration between different countries and sectors.

The session emphasized improving access to finance and markets for women entrepreneurs through initiatives like procurement policies and financial incentives. Creating supportive ecosystems, prioritizing capacity building in technology, enhancing trade facilitation, and fostering cross-border partnerships were recommended for empowering women entrepreneurs globally and driving inclusive economic growth.

1 March 2024, Session III : Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Ms. Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative UN Women India; H.E Ms. Yasie AlinesBurillo Rivera Ambassador, Embassy of Panama; H.E Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, Ambassador Embassy of Nepal; Dr. Dewi Motik Promono, Indonesia; Ms. Tanya Singhal, Founder & CEO, Mynzo.

The session stressed sustainability’s vital role in entrepreneurship, advocating climate action and gender equality for inclusive economic growth.

Speakers and Insights:
Ms. Tanya Singhal, Founder & CEO, Mynzo: Ms. Singhal emphasized the significance of sustainability in entrepreneurship, particularly in the context of climate change. She shared her journey as a renewable energy player and underscored the role of women in leading sustainable initiatives. Her experience exemplified how women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries while contributing to environmental conservation.

Dr. Dewi Motik Pramono, Indonesia: Dr. Pramono shared her experience of starting the Indonesian Business Women Association at a young age and emphasized the importance of creating opportunities for women in entrepreneurship. She highlighted the need for collaboration with government institutions and advocacy for gender equality to support women-led businesses.

Ms. Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative UN Women India: Ms. Singh discussed the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs globally, including barriers to finance, lack of networking opportunities, and gender biases. She emphasized the importance of education, advocacy, and collaboration in promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and empowering women to overcome structural barriers.
H.E Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, Ambassador, Embassy of Nepal: Dr. Sharma highlighted Nepal’s efforts to promote sustainable agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing, with a focus on empowering rural women entrepreneurs. He outlined government initiatives, such as discounted registration fees and loans for women entrepreneurs, to support their participation in various sectors.

H.E Ms. Yasie AlinesBurillo Rivera, Ambassador, Embassy of Panama: Ambassador Rivera shared insights into Panama’s initiatives to boost women entrepreneurship post-pandemic. She emphasized the importance of supportive policies, access to finance, networking opportunities, and cultural acceptance in fostering an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs.

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Session emphasized education, collaboration, financial inclusion, gender equality, and seizing post-pandemic opportunities. Integration of sustainability education, collaboration for resource sharing, financial incentives, and cultural acceptance promotion were recommended. Harnessing post-pandemic momentum through training and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, was advised. Overall, the session highlighted the transformative potential of sustainable entrepreneurship for inclusive economic growth.

Establish partnerships, financial incentives, education integration, awareness campaigns, and post-pandemic support to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and gender inclusivity.

1 March 2024 : Success Story of Dr. Shobha Dhawan: A Journey of Resilience and Global Entrepreneurship

Dr. Shobha Dhawan’s journey epitomizes resilience and determination. After her husband’s sudden passing, she bravely stepped into entrepreneurship in the male-dominated automotive industry to fulfill his dream. Leveraging his expertise, she founded Johnson Exim Corporation and later Dush Motocom Private Limited, becoming an OEM supplier for esteemed companies. Despite initial setbacks and gender bias, Dr. Dhawan persisted, expanding her ventures globally, including a Japanese joint venture and partnerships with companies in Europe and Canada. Her commitment to quality propelled her companies to become OEM suppliers for leading global brands, contributing to India’s manufacturing sector. Despite challenges, Dr. Dhawan’s story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and women defying societal norms. Her journey reflects the transformative power of resilience and unwavering belief in one’s dreams.

1 March 2024, Session I : Inaugural Session:

Chief Guest Honorable Minister Shri Narayan Rane Tatuji: Minister for MSME and other panelists are Dr. Rajni Agarwal: President Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE), Dr. Hashim S. Hussain: Head, UNIDO-ITPO of Bahrain, Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba: Member of Parliament, Nepal, and Ms. Mercy Epao: Joint Secretary, Ministry of MSME

The inaugural session of the “14th Global Economic Summit – Mission Possible 2” commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, followed by Dr. Rajni Agarwal’s warm welcome. She outlined the summit’s mission, emphasizing women’s empowerment and global opportunities for entrepreneurs.

L-R: Dr. Hashim Hussain, Head UNIDO-ITPO, Bharain, Hon’ble Minister Shri Narayan Rane Tatu ji, Minister of MSME, Dr. Rajni Aggarwal, President FIWE, Nisha Jain, Vice President, FIWE, Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba: Member of Parliament, Nepal

Dr. Hashim Suleiman Hussain, UNIDO head, praised women’s pivotal role in the creative economy at the 14th Global Forum of the Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs. He cited sectors like fashion and digitalization and highlighted challenges like cultural biases. Dr. Hussain lauded success stories and advocated for global support. He mentioned UNIDO and India’s Entrepreneurship Development Institute initiatives and invited participation in the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum. Expressing gratitude, he urged stakeholders to prioritize women’s empowerment for inclusive economic growth. His speech underscores the importance of collaboration and action for women entrepreneurs’ development and global prosperity.

Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba, Chairperson of Agriculture Cooperatives, addressed the 14th Global Economic Forum, discussing women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She highlighted global challenges like the pandemic and regional perspectives from Nepal. Despite progress, she noted challenges and emphasized government initiatives and collaborative efforts for women’s empowerment, stressing education, information, marketing, and finance access for women entrepreneurs.

Shri Shri Narayan Rane Tatuji, Minister of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), delivered a concise yet impactful keynote speech at the 14th Global Economic Forum. He thanked organizers, highlighted government initiatives for women’s entrepreneurship, emphasized their crucial role in business diversity, and expressed optimism about global opportunities. The event successfully empowered women entrepreneurs and fostered collaboration.

Mr. S.P. Agarwal, Ms. Mercy Epao Joint Secretary of Ministry MSME, Government of India , Nisha Jain, Vice President, FIWE, Dr. Arzu, Dr. Rajni Aggarwal

Ms. Mercy Epao Joint Secretary of MSME, emphasized women entrepreneurs’ role in India’s economic growth, discussing government initiatives and gender-inclusive policies at the Global Summit on Women Entrepreneurship. The event featured panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and felicitations, fostering empowerment and collaboration among attendees.

Day1, Session IV: Sustainable Internationalization – Way Forward a Growth Story

Ms. Rashi Seth Founder, Kiraka, and Ms. Florence Musundwa, Director, Grow Supplier ZA were the speakers of the session:

Ms. Rashi Seth Kiraka delivered a compelling presentation focusing on her journey as an entrepreneur in the garment industry, specifically in the niche of bras. She shared her experiences and aspirations regarding her small business, highlighting the importance of addressing societal stigmas and providing essential knowledge and support to women of all ages.

Miss Florence Musundwa, Director of Grow Supplies ZA, delivered a presentation focusing on business development for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with a particular emphasis on women entrepreneurship. Her presentation provided insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable internationalization in emerging markets, drawing on her experiences as an entrepreneur from South Africa. This report summarizes the key points discussed by Miss Florence and their implications for SMEs seeking to expand globally.

Miss Florence emphasized the vital role of networking and relationship-building for entrepreneurs, stressing genuine connections over mere exchanges. She highlighted key themes in international expansion, including partnerships, regulatory challenges, and cultural adaptation. Challenges such as corruption and funding were discussed, along with the importance of market research and cultural sensitivity. Miss Florence advocated for strategic partnerships, client-centric approaches, regulatory compliance, and investment in human capital. Her insights underscored the significance of responsible, inclusive entrepreneurship in driving sustainable global growth

1 March 2024, Share your Story by Mrs. Mridula Jain, Founder, Shingora Textiles Ltd.

“Success Story of Ms. Mridula Jain, founder of Singora Textiles Limited, was a captivating narrative of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Ms. Jain shared her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the textile industry.

Ms. Jain recounted her childhood and early adulthood, highlighting the challenges she faced in pursuing her education and career aspirations against societal norms and expectations.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Despite facing obstacles, Ms. Jain ventured into the textile industry, focusing on shawls under the brand name “Shingora.” She shared insights into the inception of her business and its evolution over the years.

Export Expansion: Ms. Jain discussed her journey of expanding from domestic to international markets, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and establishing Shingora as a renowned brand in Western Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, and other countries.

Innovation and Diversification: She emphasized the importance of innovation and diversification in sustaining and growing a business. Ms. Jain shared how Shingora adapted to market trends, introduced new products like dupattas, and diversified into home textiles and fashion fabrics.

Social Responsibility: Alongside her business endeavors, Ms. Jain highlighted her commitment to social responsibility, engaging in community development initiatives and supporting NGOs and causes like girl child education.
Recognition and Awards: Ms. Jain’s accomplishments have been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, acknowledging her contributions to entrepreneurship and social welfare.

1 March 2024, Session V – Digitization and Innovation for Cross-Border E-commerce:

Ms. Tanya Madan, Technical Architect, ONDC, Ms. Divya Chaudhary, Head North Sales, Amazon, Ms. Arya Raj, Project Manager, Walmart Vriddhi, Catalyst Group, and Ms. Arundhati Mukharjee, Founder Director, Aaroh Consulting were the Panelists.

The session on digitization and innovation for cross-border e-commerce featured several speakers discussing platforms and programs to facilitate SMEs in expanding their businesses globally. Here’s a summary:

Understanding ONDC (Open Networks for Digital Commerce): Tanya from ONDC explained the concept of ONDC, which is a network of networks aimed at solving issues related to discoverability, order fulfillment, and post-fulfillment in e-commerce. ONDC focuses on unbundling responsibilities to cater to specific needs efficiently.

Amazon Global Selling Program: Divya from Amazon elaborated on the Amazon Global Selling Program, which aims to enable Indian brands to access global marketplaces. She highlighted initiatives supporting SMEs, including partnerships with government bodies and training programs for exporters.

Onboarding and Standing Out on Amazon: Divya explained the process of onboarding onto Amazon, emphasizing the importance of strong product listings, fulfillment options, and inventory management. She provided tips for sellers to stand out, such as focusing on product selection, optimizing listings, and leveraging Amazon’s seller tools.

Walmart Vriddhi Program: Arya discussed the Walmart Vriddhi program, which assists MSMEs in understanding and entering the e-commerce space. The program offers learning modules, mentoring, and support for onboarding, empowering MSMEs to excel in e-commerce.

Audience Etiquette Reminder: The moderator interrupted briefly to request the audience, particularly the ladies, to refrain from talking during the session to maintain decorum and respect for the speakers.

Criteria for Sellers on Global Platforms: Arya briefly touched upon the criteria for sellers to join the Walmart Vriddhi program, emphasizing the simplicity of the process and the app-based approach for registration and support.

The e-commerce landscape is rapidly evolving, with platforms like Amazon, Walmart Vridhi, and ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses globally. This report synthesizes key insights from a panel discussion featuring representatives from these platforms and offers recommendations for leveraging their services effectively.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart Vridhi, and ONDC offer user-friendly onboarding processes and certification programs to navigate global e-commerce complexities. Logistics reliability and trust-building mechanisms, including blockchain-based ratings, enhance transparency. Empowering women entrepreneurs and tier 2/3 cities is crucial for inclusive growth. Recommendations include tailored support, collaborative programs, and transparent policies to enhance inclusivity and effectiveness. Leveraging digital platforms for awareness, language-specific resources, and mentorship can facilitate this process. Overall, collaborative efforts and transparent policies are essential for fostering inclusive growth and empowering entrepreneurs globally.

1 March 2024, Session VI – Learn The Dynamics of Business Growth:

Ms. Geetika Gupta, CEO, MOPP, Mr. Duglas C Dean III, Business Development and Strategy Expert and Ms. Deepali Gotadke, Founder, Webdreams

The Business Growth Dynamics panel discussion at the recent event featured speakers Ms. Geetika Gupta, CEO of MOPP Foods Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Douglas E. Dean, a business development expert from the USA.

Market Insights and Innovation: Ms. Geetika Gupta shared her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of market knowledge and innovation in driving business growth. She highlighted the significance of understanding consumer needs and leveraging innovation to meet those needs effectively. Through her multi-brand cloud kitchen startup, she demonstrated how innovative product development and packaging solutions helped her penetrate the market and overcome challenges like delivery constraints.

Team Building and Change Management: all three Ms. Deepali, Ms. Gupta and Mr. Dean stressed the pivotal role of a capable and adaptable team in fostering business growth. They emphasized the need for continuous learning and development among team members to keep pace with market changes. Mr. Dean particularly emphasized the importance of change management, urging entrepreneurs to embrace change and adapt their strategies according to evolving market dynamics.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion: Strategic alliances and collaborations emerged as key strategies discussed by the panelists for expanding market reach and diversifying product offerings. Ms. Gupta shared her experience of forming strategic partnerships to enter new markets and launch additional brands within her cloud kitchen model. Mr. Dean highlighted the value of forming partnerships, especially in challenging times, to leverage complementary strengths and resources for mutual growth.

Customer Acquisition and Retention: The panelists underscored the significance of customer-centric strategies in driving business growth. They emphasized the importance of acquiring new customers while prioritizing customer retention through loyalty programs and personalized experiences. Ms. Gupta emphasized the need for data-driven decision-making in understanding consumer behavior and tailoring offerings to meet their preferences effectively.

Conclusion: The Business Growth Dynamics panel discussion provided valuable insights and practical strategies for SMEs aiming to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment. From market insights and innovation to team building and strategic partnerships, the discussion covered a wide range of topics essential for driving sustainable growth. As SMEs continue to play a vital role in economic development, embracing these insights can empower entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in competitive markets.

Overall, the panel discussion served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, facilitating meaningful exchanges among industry experts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. With the right strategies and a collaborative mindset, SMEs can unlock new opportunities for growth and contribute to economic prosperity.

1 March 2024, Fashion Vista: Fashion Show:

Event Overview: The Fashion Show, curated by AAFT School of Fashion and Design, was a highlight of the Global Economics Summit organized by the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs. Held on 1 March 2024 of the summit, the show showcased a diverse range of collections inspired by various themes and concepts.

Amidst the backdrop of the Global Economics Summit, the fashion show emerged as a beacon of creativity and cultural fusion. With models strutting down the runway adorned in avant-garde designs, the audience was treated to a mesmerizing display of innovation. From traditional motifs interwoven with modern aesthetics to bold statements celebrating individuality, each ensemble spoke volumes. International dignitaries graced the event, adding a touch of prestige and underscoring its global significance. As the curtains drew to a close, applause filled the air, resonating with appreciation for the empowering themes and artistic prowess on display. The fashion show wasn’t merely a spectacle; it was a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and the transformative power of fashion in shaping societal narratives.

———————–——-——–—-——-—————–Day 2-——-—-——————-—————————–

Day 2, Session VII : Investment, Funding and Finance

Mr. Sharad Koli, Founder of KCC Group, Ms. Ruchira Shukla from IFC World Bank, and Ms. Anu Meena, Founder of Gowadha were among the panelists:

A diverse group of participants eagerly gathered for a session on women entrepreneurship and funding. The platform was co-created with eminent personalities like Mr. Sharad Koli, a leading personality from the business world and Ms. Ruchira Shukla, a beacon of knowledge in investment and banking.

The session delved into the myriad funding options available to women entrepreneurs, from government schemes like StandUp India and the Mudra scheme to equity funding and traditional bank loans. Panelists shared anecdotes and insights, with Ms. Ruchira Shukla’s personal journey serving as a beacon of inspiration. She urged women to believe in themselves, identify problems they are passionate about solving, and take the leap into entrepreneurship, emphasizing the availability of various funding avenues.

The dialogue expanded to address societal challenges hindering women’s entrepreneurial potential, emphasizing the importance of gender-blind environments. The session concluded with a resounding message: the funding landscape for women entrepreneurs is evolving, brimming with opportunities. As participants left with renewed determination, it became evident that financial support, community encouragement, and individual determination are key to empowering women entrepreneurs.

Mr. S.N Sharma discussed a government scheme offering collateral-free loans, highlighting the benefits and support available for women entrepreneurs. Ms. Anu Meena shared her entrepreneurial journey and her venture, Gowdha, aimed at enabling small and medium manufacturers to sell products globally. She emphasized the significance of connecting with investors and pitching ideas effectively. The Q&A session further enriched the discussion, providing participants with insights on accessing funding and engaging with investors.

In conclusion, the Session underscores the challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in accessing funding and support for their ventures. It emphasizes the importance of resilience and the right support systems in overcoming obstacles in the funding landscape. Furthermore, it advocates for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs as a commitment to fostering a more inclusive and innovative future, ultimately driving positive change in society.

Day 2, Share Your Story by Dr. Shalini Nalwad, Founder Director of ICATT Foundation Air Ambulance Services:

Ms. Shalini Nalwad shares a story about a wildlife doctor who died while trying to capture an elephant. The doctor sustained severe injuries and was intubated before being placed on ECMO. The team was dispatched by the Karnataka Forest Department and arrived at a hospital in Shumaka after six hours of travel. The patient was cannulated and received a small dose of heparin and then sat in his infusion. As a result, there was no further bleeding from the hemothorax.

Despite the challenges and multiple failures, they have made the ICAT one of Asia’s largest air ambulances. They have started multiple internship training programs for graduates nationally and internationally. They have achieved 2 world records, one is training 28000+ people in CPR in one day, second world record is for 2800 CPR training under one roof. They have adopted 10 government hospitals in India to help and give training to the doctors in CPR Training.

Day 2, Session VIII: Marketing, Branding & Business Strategies for Successful Expansion for Startups:

Ms. Rachna Mahesh, Founder, ITES Womencan Trust & Souniya Khurana, Founder WYN Studios were the Speakers

The Marketing & Branding session convened entrepreneurs, experts, and industry professionals to explore strategies in marketing and branding, addressing networking, digital marketing challenges, personal branding, and conscious networking.
The Marketing & Branding session emphasized networking’s importance for women entrepreneurs, addressed digital marketing challenges for startups, stressed personal branding’s value, promoted conscious networking, and explored affiliate marketing. Attendees discussed strategies to overcome obstacles and innovate in marketing approaches. The session fostered collaboration and empowerment, equipping participants with actionable insights for navigating the dynamic business landscape effectively.

Day 2, Fireside Chat – Session IX: The Funding Landscape for Women-Led Startups:

Aapurva Beniwal, VP Investment of She Capital, Ms. Sangeeta Sharma, Founder of Sharma Ji ka Ata, Ms. Sadhika Kumar, Founder of Linket Solutions, Ms. Oshika Ghosh, Assistant Manager at Startup India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Pankaj Thakar, Founder of PadUP Ventures were the panelists.

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, stories of determination, innovation, and resilience often go unnoticed. Today, we delve into the inspiring narratives of four remarkable women who have carved their paths in the competitive business arena of India. These women, Ms. Aapurva Beniwal, Ms. Sangeeta Sharma, Ms. Sadhika Kumar, and Ms. Oshika Ghosh, stand as beacons of empowerment and success in the realm of startups and investments.

Starting with the session, various speakers has introduced themselves in the field of entrepreneurship and investment.

Ms. Oshika Ghosh, an Assistant Manager at Startup India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, plays a pivotal role in supporting women entrepreneurs through the government’s initiatives. Her dedication to fostering a conducive ecosystem for female-led startups underscores the importance of institutional support in empowering women in business. Through her work, she advocates for equal opportunities and resources for aspiring women entrepreneurs, driving impactful change in the startup landscape.

Ms. Aapurva Beniwal, VP of Investment at She Capital, has been instrumental in championing female founders and startups focusing on female consumers. Her journey reflects a commitment to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity in the investment landscape. Through She Capital, she not only invests in businesses but also nurtures a community of women entrepreneurs, paving the way for a more diverse and equitable future.

On the other hand, Ms. Sangeeta Sharma, the Founder of Sharma Jika Ata, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey out of sheer necessity. Ms. Sangeeta Sharma shared her entrepreneurial journey, driven by the necessity to support her family due to her husband’s medical expenses. She experimented with various products before settling on selling flour, recognizing a widespread need for it in her community. Her story highlighted the importance of identifying market gaps and catering to specific consumer needs. Her story exemplifies the age-old adage that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Through perseverance and a keen eye for market needs, she has created a niche for herself in the competitive market, showcasing the power of resilience and creativity.

Mr. Pankaj Thakar, Founder of PadUP Ventures, shared their unique approach to entrepreneurship acceleration, leveraging a network of experienced mentors to guide and invest in startups. Their emphasis on supporting women entrepreneurs was evident through their work with over 100 female-led businesses.

Ms. Sadhika Kumar, the Founder of Linket Solutions, found her calling in the intersection of logistics and technology. Her venture, which focuses on supply chain optimization, embodies the spirit of innovation and problem-solving. By identifying gaps in the market and offering tailored solutions, she has established Linket Solutions as a trusted partner for companies seeking efficiency and optimization in their operations.

The discussion highlighted the funding landscape for women entrepreneurs in India, emphasizing perseverance, authenticity, and overcoming challenges. Speakers shared personal experiences, stressing honesty in presenting business metrics and the need for platforms to showcase women’s success stories. Societal and systemic barriers were addressed, calling for increased support and role models. The panelists showcased resilience and innovation, underscoring the importance of fostering a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs. The event concluded with a call to action for continued support and empowerment of women in business, recognizing their valuable contributions to the economy and society.

Day 2, Share Your Story by Ms. Anuradha & Ms. Benazir:

Mrs. Anuradha Richhariya, Chairman & MD, Lalitpur Mahila Kisan Producer Co. Ltd.

Mrs. Anudadha has shared her story of how she has started her entrepreneurial journey the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome those challenges.

She started the business with the motivation of helping farmers, especially the women, some of them are girls who left their education due to the lack of financial support. The Lalitpur Mahila Kishan Producer Company takes their products from their farms so that they don’t have to go anywhere to sell their products like Dal, Daliya, etc. Now farming has changed to organic and they have supported some women by providing tractors. They use it and return it once their work is over because of this initiative the women farmers have not taken any loans from banks or others.

She has helped the women to open their bank accounts so that they can be financially independent. They work according to their convenience after household work.

Ms. Benazir Founder, RK Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. From Bangladesh

Miss Benazir from Bangladesh, represents the Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and expresses gratitude for the inspiration and success of the women in the room. She shares her story of starting her business with her sister-in-law, Rabita Rashid, and her mother, Ms. Badru Nahar, who is the managing director of the company. They started their business during the COVID pandemic and decided to do something to support their children instead of always seeking help from their parents. Despite the challenges of starting a business, they were able to overcome them with the help of their mother’s ideas and the support of their family. The speaker’s story is similar to many other women’s stories, with less hurdles and a focus on personal growth and success. She also mentions that law is a profession that can lead to earning a lot of money, but it is difficult to start earning at least 15 years into the practice. The speech ends with a call to action for women to take up entrepreneurship and start their own businesses.

Day 2, Priyadarshini Awards Distribution Ceremony

Dr. Rajni Aggarwal, President FIWE, Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Founder of Noida Film City & AAFT, Ms. Priyanka Gupta, CEO, IPEC-TBI and Rupali Gupta, Director, FIWE

The anchor welcomed and introduced Mr. Sandeep Marwah and asked him to share a few words with the participants.

He congratulates Dr. Rajni Agrawal on a well-designed program and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to be part of it.

He shares the beautiful lines: “Sabhi Dishaon se Shubh Sundar Bhav Vichar Bhare Nit Antar, puniya dhar ban jaye swarg ye mere yatno se Karunakar”

He emphasizes the importance of thinking and feelings, which are more beautiful than what you can see with your naked eyes.

He explains the meaning of his beautiful lines: whether it is north, south, east or west, whether you’re in India or abroad, whether you are on the top of the hill or you’re standing at a seashore, whether you are on a lush green garden and looking at some colorful flowers or maybe looking at the most beautiful woman on earth, the fact is there are two things which are much more beautiful than what you can see with your naked eyes and these two things are your thinking and your feelings and the best part is that both the things are right within you, you don’t even need eyes for that.

On this very auspicious day, let’s pray, hey Lord, give me good thinking, give me good feelings so that I can do good deeds and through my good karmas I would love to convert this earth into heaven. This is what I believe, I’m sure you will also believe in the same.

Another beautiful line were: काम शुरू करते नहीं भय से नीचे लोग, मध्यम त्यजते बीच में देख विषम संयोग I पर उत्तम वे लोग जो हर दुर्गम पथ झेल

He categorizes people into first-class and middle-class based on their zest, enthusiasm, and dedication to achieving their goals. He believes in one religion and one dharma, growth with entertainment, and divides society based on religion, region, status, color, rich, and poor.
He also mentions that people with little push and pull may try to get into a business but run away from it when they see hindrances they run away from battle field.

He also expresses happiness at being part of a conference to honor achievers and wants to add the word “Atmanirbhar” as an ambassador for the country. He suggests that the government should focus on creating a comfortable zone for ambitious individuals to achieve their dreams and make the world a better place.

He shares the qualities you should have to become “ATMANIRBHAR”
A: Ambitious
T: Techno Sevi to cop up with World
M: Motivation
A: Attitude – Sower, Supportive, Down to earth
N: Nationalist
“जिस ओर झुके हम मस्ती में, झुक जाए उधर अंबर भूतल, आज़ाद वतन के वाशिन्दे, हर गीत हमारा है बादल।
विविध प्रांत हैं अपनी – अपनी भाषा के अभिमानी हम, पर इस सब से पहले दुनिया वालों हिन्दुस्तानी हम ।“
I: Information
R: Research
B: Believe in yourself
H: Humanity
A: Allrounder
R: Result Oriented

He closes his speech by congratulating all the awardees and FIWE for encouraging women achievers.

Ms. Lopa Vema has read the message of Honorable Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari for the participants as he cannot attend the conference due to his other important meetings.
The summary of his message:

“The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) is organizing the Priyadarshani Award ceremony to inspire and encourage women achievers. The success stories of women entrepreneurs around the world serve as a testament to the limitless potential and resilience of women in business. It is imperative to create an enabling environment that empowers women entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.”

Dr. Rajni Aggarwal, President, of FIWE, started her speech by thanking Dr. Sandeep Marwa, a close friend of Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs, who gave a fiery and inspiring speech at a global conference on empowering women entrepreneurs.

He is a wonderful personality who will receive you with warmth and make you feel like a close part of his association and family. He received the honor of being at the conference and is deeply honored by the presence of his friends. The conference focuses on global opportunities for women entrepreneurs and is a remarkable event.

The 14th Global Conference on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Global Opportunities has ended with a valedictory speech.

She expresses gratitude to guests, speakers, sponsors, and partners for their contributions to the success of the event. The conference has explored challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, celebrated their achievements, and identified pathways to harness global opportunities. The event reaffirmed the commitment to advancing women’s economic empowerment and fostering a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

The awardees have demonstrated exceptional resilience, innovation, and leadership in their respective fields. Let us continue to celebrate their successes and support their endeavors as they pave the way for future generations of women entrepreneurs. Let’s carry forward the spirit of collaboration, empowerment, and solidarity that has characterized our time together and create an environment where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

She ended her speech with the FIWE statement lines:

Together towards a Glorious Future!

“Jai Hind! Jai Mahila Udyamita”

Ms. Priyanka Gupta, CEO, IPEC-TBI introduced herself and shared a brief about TBI.

It is a woman-centric incubator in UP that supports women entrepreneurs from the city to self-help groups. They are working with 33 villages to make them financially independent through small training and a commercialized plan. They have had MOU to strengthen the start-up ecosystem for women entrepreneurs with FIWE. The program has received specific inputs from multiple MOUs, focusing on family life, networking, and digitization. The honorable minister for SMEs has set ambitious goals for MSMEs and especially women entrepreneurs.
She also enlightens the highlights of both day’s conferences with the participants.

After that, the Award session was started. The Prestigious “Priyadarshini Award was presented to more than 40 Women entrepreneurs from Different Sectors.

Ms. Rupali Gupta started her speech with a vote of thanks and give brief introduced Dr. Sandeep Marwah Founder of Noida Film City, founder of Marwa Studios, Chancellor of AAFT University, Chief Scout of India. Not only that, he is the national chairman, media and entertainment. He is on the board of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth Sports and Ministry of Skill Development.

She Thanks all the participants who traveled from different countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Oman, and all those who have come here from different parts of India.

sponsors, all the speakers and panelists who have taken out their precious time to come forward and share their experiences and knowledge. We’ve had some most intense and inspirational and rocking sessions between the last two days.

A very big thank you to all the delegates and participants and I hope that you have been able to have many takeaways from the sessions through the two days and lots of networking. Thanks to all the exhibitors for showcasing their products and beautiful creations.

The Summit was the outcome of relentless efforts and sleepless nights. The FIWE core team, the team behind the scenes, and the events team, and the hotel staff were thanked. The awardees were asked to come up on stage for a group photograph.


Exclusive Interview of Dr. Rajni Aggarwal with Education Post's by Prabhav Anand


News: Grand Success - 14th Global Conference of Women Entrepreneurs