FIWE is renowned for its international recognition as one of the leading women’s entrepreneurship forums in the country. At the core of the event are FIWE board Members, Advisory & Executive Committee Members who are a select group of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders who play a pivotal role in mentoring, guiding, and supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

Further, FIWE attracts local and global leaders, including seasoned founders, institutional investors, and corporate executives. The conference serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, providing valuable insights and opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, acquire skills and mindset for growth & expansion and gain exposure to global markets.

FIWE has a broad reach and a strong network of resources, making the Global Economic Summit an influential event for entrepreneurs looking to connect with like-minded individuals, access valuable resources, and gain inspiration to advance their entrepreneurial journeys.


Brand Impact
Unleash the power of your brand to captivate
A Global Audience
Expand your brand’s presence and influence across borders. Ignite curiosity, inspire loyalty, and create a lasting impact on a global scale. Build a strong Brand within the innovation, investment & entrepreneur ecosystem, drive targeted activation within focus
segments of the ecosystem


Unlock Unlimited Growth Opportunities through Strategic Connections
Open doors to new possibilities by forging valuable business partnerships. Fuel your growth engine with high-quality leads, converting them into loyal customers and long-term relationships.

​Meet, connect & network with some of the most Prolific Founders, Investors & Enterprise CXOs in a curated format & quality setting.





14th Global Economic Summit "Mission Possible - 2"