FIWE’s EDC is offering entrepreneurship education, training programs, workshops, and mentoring to new and existing women entrepreneurs who want to start, run and grow their businesses by providing support through:

  1. Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (EAP):
  2. Is a program where FIWE informs its clientele of what services it offers and entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.
  3. Discussion on business ideas, schemes, and incentives offered by different agencies.
  4. Conducted often in interior rural areas to reach out to a larger number of women.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP): FIWE conducts general entrepreneurship Development programs normally after awareness programs or at periodic intervals FIWE has trained thousands of women covering various states of India.
  • Unique training module development and practice by FIWE. 
  • Capacity building and preparation of clients for business development.
  • Includes sessions on empowerment, business, exposure visits, and interaction with successful entrepreneurs, Government Officials, and support agencies.
  • Provides networking with support agencies and provision of escort services to clients.
  • Follow-up programs for EDP participants.
  • Skill Development Program (SDP): We also conduct Skill Development programs in specific sectors like leather craft, woodwork, matting, basket weaving, grass mat, pottery, packaging, handicrafts, photo framing, Barcoding, Hand Made Paper, and Eco-Friendly products, etc. for EDP beneficiaries and other counsels.
  • Financial Assistance Program (FAD): FIWE will Provide financial assistance as a credit reference agency for the members who are seeking micro-credit or loans for their enterprises through various government schemes, Banks, or Financial Institutions.
  • Management Development Program (MDP): this is an integral part of FIWE’s activities. The objective of MDP is to enhance entrepreneurship skills and technology upgradation to support the growth of their business enterprise.
  • Member Service Program (MSP): FIWE has 15000 individual members and 28 state Associates membership base who are practicing entrepreneurship. The membership committee supports the needs of these members.
  • Support in Marketing and Networking:
  • Periodical exhibitions, Seminars, conferences, and workshops at a subsidized cost for its members, organized at strategic locations.
  • Facilitates’ joint participation in important national and international trade fairs, product courts, and buyer-seller meets, and creates linkages with prospective buyers.

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