1. Monitor Scheduling: – FIWE maintains a scheduling file to track all the batches needed to schedule in a month. FIWE continuously check all the batches whose assessment needs to be conducted in a running month and scheduling is prioritized on basis of earlier upcoming batches in the next 10 days.
  2. Assessment and Assessor Monitoring: – FIWE maintains a monitoring sheet to monitor all the assessment process and guidelines followed by the assessor during the assessment and FIWE closely monitors the assessment to make sure that all the steps are followed by the assessors. We perform a quality check for all assessment processes using the performance tracking sheet  & assessor rating sheet tools and check for any assessment process/quality/ time line/ TAT deviations or delays in any of the Pre-assessment Processes.
  3. Assessor Rating: – To maintain the assessment ecosystem better and up to the marks FIWE follows the assessor/proctor average rating criteria and it help us to qualitatively & quantitatively measure assessor performance. Based on their performance and rating a batch is assign to any assessor. FIWE team scores the assessor’s performance, quality and their ability to conduct a fair and smooth assessment between 1 to 5 for each and every assessment and then an average rating is calculated based on their performance in each assessment and total number of assessment done.
  4. Assessment Quality Audit: – FIWE maintains an assessment quality audit sheet to check and maintain the quality of the assessment as per laid down parameters.
  5. Center Audit: We perform the centre audit in terms of the Quality of the Trainer, Quality of Training Material Provided to the Candidates, Infrastructure present at the Training Center, Counseling and Mentoring Support provided to the candidates by the centre and Overall Training Effectiveness (in terms of knowledge gained, up skilling, etc.
  6. Training Center Feedback:-FIWE ensures to receive feedback from the training centre after each assessment to improve the quality of the assessment conducted; And seek suggestions for improvisation in the Assessment Process from the training centre. We ensure that the assessment process has been conducted in a fair and transparent manner and that there has been no undue pressure/threat/exploitation/financial demand/attempt of malpractice from the Assessor/Assessment agency/ Technical Co-coordinator in any manner.

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