FIWE has the ability to conduct assessments in online mode. Our assessment online platform is built on the norms and rules formulated as per SSC/QP- NOS/NSQF and has incorporated requirements of multiple assessment frameworks.

Some of the features of our online platform are listed below:-

  • Assessments can be conducted on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.
  • The application captures the GEO location and complete center details.
  • Our application has an in-built candidate authentication system.
  • Student attendance can be marked on the application with ease.
  • The application is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Assessment can be monitored through video and image-based monitoring.
  • Application support multi-languages.
  • There is questions shuffling and options randomization feature.
  • Assessments can be carried out without internet availability.
  • Support the format of the different question such as MMQ’s T/F and other formats.
  • The application can capture complete assessor details.
  • Provide real-time online proctoring via online video and images.
  • Our application restricts the copy-paste option.

Sector Wise Empanelled Assessors / Proctors/ SME


Assessment Monitoring and Quality Assurance